The summer transfer window has come to an end, and the players who have been bought are already starting to show their game. Among the main transfers, we can highlight the following:
* Karim Benzema from Real Madrid;
* Lucas Moura from Monaco;
* Josep Guardiola’s team has bought the player from the Meringues.
All the players that were bought are ready to start the season and will help the team to fight for the champion title.
The main goal of the team is to win the Champions League, so the players have to do their best to achieve this. The main competitors of the Catalans are:
1. Real Sociedad;
2. Barcelona;
3. Valencia.
These teams are very strong and have a good selection of players. The team of Guardiola has the advantage of experience and the previous results.

The start of the championship has already shown that the Catalonians are not going to give up and will not give up until the end of the season. The players are ready for the fight and they will not stop until the final match.
At the moment, the team of Josep Mourinho has the best chances to win gold medals. The coach has been working with the players for a long time and has already managed to get them to the Champions league.
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Latest Results of the Catalan Championship
The season of the Champions has already begun, and it has already started to show its results. The first matches of this season have already shown the results, and now it is much easier for fans to follow all the events.
In the first matches, the Catalons were very strong, but they have not yet managed to win a trophy. The last time they won the Champions was in 1996.
This year, the main competitor of the Barcelona is Real Madrid. The Meringos have already started the season well, but the Catalonian team has a lot of problems. The most obvious problem is the lack of motivation. The fans have already seen that the team has no motivation to win, and this is the main reason for the failure of the Mers.
However, the Mereds have a lot to show, and they have already won the Europa League, which is another proof of their strength.
Despite the fact that the Meralco team is very strong in the domestic arena, it is not the best in Europe. The Catalonias are much more confident and have the best players in the world.
They have the following advantages:
· Long bench;
· High-quality players;
• Good teamwork.
Thus, the players of the club have a great opportunity to show themselves and to achieve their goals.
Barcelona’ players are not the strongest, but it is clear that they have the necessary motivation to fight until the last match. The club has a good lineup, and you can see that the players are working well together.
Moreover, the coach is a proven winner, so it is easy to count on the success of the players.
Main Chances of the Team to Win the Title
The team of Ernesto Valverde has a great chance to win. The following advantages can be noted:
● High level of players;
● Good teamwork;

● Opportunity to show the best game.
Valverde’ team has the potential to win all the trophies in the future.