Goodbye Ronaldo – Has football lost one of the greatest players in history?

The Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo has left the club Juventus. The player was the best player of the Old Signora for several years, and he left the team with the best result in the Champions League.
However, the club is not going to be the only one that loses a great player. The fans and experts are already talking about the departure of the player who was the main star of the team.
It is not the first time that the player leaves a club. He left Juventus in the summer of 2013. He was a main star for the team, and the fans loved him. However, the player did not live up to the expectations of the fans.
In the past, the fans were hoping that the team would be able to win the Champions Cup. However this time, the team lost to Ajax in the final match. The club will have to start from the next season from the top, but it will be difficult to compete with the Ajax team. The players of Juventus have already left the Italian championship and are now playing in the Spanish one.
Will Cristiano leave Juventus?
The fans are already expecting the departure, and they are not going down without a fight. Many fans are not happy with the player, and many of them are ready to take revenge on the club.
The club has a lot of players who are ready for the fight. The team has already started to play in the Europa League, and it is obvious that the club will try to win gold medals in the next few seasons.

The departure of Cristiano is another blow to the Old signora, but the team is not giving up. It is still possible to find a replacement for the player in the team and to win trophies.
Where can fans find information about the team?
Fans can follow the progress of the club on the website of sports statistics. The information about Juventus is updated in real time, and fans can follow all the news on the site.
Fans will be able not only to follow the results of the matches, but also to find out the schedule of upcoming matches. This is very important, because the club has to play at least one more match in the domestic championship.
If the team wins, it will have a chance to win a place in the European Cup zone. The next season, the Oldsignora will have the opportunity to fight for the title in the Serie A.
Who will replace Cristiano?
Many fans are expecting that the players of the new team will be ready to fight. This time, it is not only the players who want to leave the club, but many fans are also ready to replace the player.
Many experts say that the new player will be a good addition to the team that will help it to achieve success in the future. The new player has already shown himself in the national championship, and this is a good sign for the club and its fans. The main goal of the players is to win at least a place at the Europa Cup zone, but they will have their own ambitions.
This is why it is very difficult to find the replacement for Cristiano. However the team has a good lineup, and there is a high probability that the next coach of the squad will be someone who will be very successful in the club’s history.
Follow the progress on the sports statistics website
The website of the sports statistic has been developed for fans who want the latest information from the world of sports. The latest news on Juventus is available on the platform, and you can follow its progress on it.
There are a lot more matches that the Old club will play in Serie A, and a lot will depend on the results. The season has already ended, and now the team will have only a few matches left. It will be extremely difficult to win all the gold medals, but fans can be sure that the season will be long and exciting.
You can follow Juventus’ progress on this website, and find out all the information about this club. The data is updated regularly, and all the fans can enjoy the game of their favorite team. It’ll be very interesting to follow its development, and to learn the results that will decide the fate of the champion title.
Latest news from the football world
The season of the Italian Championship has already come to an end, and in the last matches, Juventus managed to win only one match. This result is not so bad, but there are still a lot to be done.
Despite the fact that the last match was not a success for the Old team, many fans still believe that the final triumph will be theirs. This season, Juventus has a very good lineup. It has already managed to get a place among the top five teams in the world.
Now, it’d be very difficult for the players to compete against the leaders, but this season, it has already been proven that the squad of the coach of Juventus has the potential to win.
One of the main goals of the season was to win La Liga, and Juventus managed this goal. The coach has already won the Champions trophy, and if he continues to do his job, the players will be the main favorites of the next tournament.
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The football season is coming to an exciting finish, and people are already looking forward to the final matches.