Ruszczynski: his transfer to Lazio has saved him

Ruszczynski: his transfer to Lazio has saved him from the relegation zone, but he still needs to show himself in the national championship.
Lazio is a team that can challenge for the title, but it needs to improve its results. The team has a lot of problems in the attack, and the defense is still not very strong.

English Premier League table
The Premier League is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. It is a competition of the strongest teams in the whole world. The top 4 teams of the EPL are:
* Liverpool;
* Manchester City;
* Arsenal;
and Chelsea.
The teams of this championship are very strong, and they play against each other for the champion title.
Of course, the main goal of the clubs is to win the title. However, the competition in the Premier League can be very intense.
In the last season, the teams of Liverpool and Manchester City were the main favorites of the tournament. However they lost to their rivals, and this was a great disappointment for the fans.
However, the Premier league is not a simple tournament. There are a lot more interesting matches, and it is very important to understand the tactics of the opponents.
At the beginning of the season, many teams were in the middle of the standings, but then they started to win points. This is a good sign, because it shows that the teams are gradually improving.
As for the Premier table, it is not so important, because the teams will fight for the place in the Champions League zone.
Who will be the main contenders for the gold medals?
The main contenders of the gold are: Liverpool; Manchester City, Tottenham; Chelsea; Arsenal.
Liverpool is the main favorite of the Premier title, because of the following reasons:
1. Great teamwork. The players of the team work well together, and everyone knows his role in the game.
2. Good lineup. The main star of the club is the striker Luis Suarez, who scores a lot.
3. Good results. Liverpool has a good record of the games, and its results are always good.
4. Individual skills of the players. The club has a great selection of players, and many of them are able to score a lot on their own.
Now, the team is in the best shape of its career, and if it continues to play in the top division, it will be a real threat to the leaders of the championship.
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Football scores of the Champions league
The football scores of all matches of football championships are available on the website of sports statistics. Here you can always find the latest news and detailed statistics.
This season, there are a number of interesting confrontations in the football championships. The most popular are:
* EPL;
2* Champions League;
3* Europa League.
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You will find here the information about:
• Results of the matches;
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Champions league table
This is the most popular tournament in the history of the world football. It has a special place in all fans’ hearts. It was created in the early 20th century, and in the first season, it was called the First Division.
Today, it has become one of Europe’s most popular championships, and there are more than 100 matches of this tournament held every year.
There are many factors that can help a team to win in the tournament, but the main one is the strength of the lineup. Now, the strongest clubs have a lineup of the best players.
If you look at the Champions tournament table, you will see that the strongest club in the current season is Barcelona. The Catalans have the following players in their lineup:
· Lionel Messi;
1· Suarez;
5· Suarez, Messi, Suarez;
· Suarez.
Barcelona has a very good lineup, and all the players are able, together with the coach, to achieve a great result.
For the club, the Champions is a chance to get into the European Cup zone. This will allow them to compete with the leaders, who have already won the tournament once.
Where will the teams finish in the standings?
In this season, Barcelona has a chance of winning the Champions. However it is difficult to say that the Catalans will be able to win all the matches.
Many of the rivals of the Catalons are far from the Champions zone. They have a lot to do, too, to win gold medals. The following teams are the main competitors of the Barcelona:
● Manchester City.
● Liverpool; ​​Tottenham; ​​​​Chelsea.
These clubs are far behind the Catalonians in terms of results.