Why did Alves leave Barcelona?

The summer of 2016 brought a lot of changes for the Catalans. First of all, the club had to replace the legendary Ernesto Valverde, who left the club to become the head coach of the Spanish national team. Then, the team also had to make some transfers, and it was the acquisition of the young midfielder Jordi Alba that really caught the attention of the fans.
At the beginning of the season, the young player was already a sensation, and he became a key figure of the team. However, the player did not live up to the expectations of the club, and the fans began to question his future.
The club’s management had a tough time to find a replacement for the legendary Valverdes, and they decided to sell the player to the English Premier League. However the fans of the Catalonians were not happy with this decision, and many of them began to criticize the club’s performance.
This is what caused the departure of the player from the team, and now he is playing for the Spanish club Real Madrid.

The fans have already started to criticize Real Madrid, and this is another proof that the club is not in good shape. The club has not won a trophy for a long time, and there are rumors that the team will not be able to compete with the leaders of the Old Continent.
What are the reasons for the poor performance of the Madrid team?
The main problem of the Real Madrid team is the lack of motivation. The team has not been able to achieve the desired results for a very long time. This is another evidence that the Madrid club is in a very bad shape.
Real Madrid’s main rivals are the teams of the EPL, and their results are really bad. The main goal of the players of the Royal Club is to get into the Champions League zone, and if they do not achieve this, they will be forced to play in the Europa League.
However, the Royal club has a very difficult time in the Champions league, and its main rivals include:
* Barcelona;
* Atletico;
* Manchester City.
In the Europa league, the main goal for Real is to win the trophy, and in this case they will have to do their best to achieve this.
It is also worth noting that the Royal team has a good chance of winning the European Cup, and for this they need to play with the best players of their level.
Will the Madrid players be able compete with their main rivals?
This question is still unanswered, but the Royal Madrid team has everything it needs to compete in the international arena. The Royal club is the best in the world in terms of its level of football, and even in the domestic arena, it has a chance to win.
If the Royal players do not have enough motivation, they won’t be able achieve their goals. This will be another proof of the poor state of the football world in general.
How to follow the livescore today of the most interesting matches of the world?
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Who is the main contender for the champion title in the new season of the Champions?
In recent years, the Champions has become more and more difficult to win, and most of the time the main contenders for the title are:
1. Manchester City
2. Barcelona
3. Bayern.
All three clubs have a good lineup and a good coach. However they are not able to give their all to the team at the same time, which is why they are losing points.
Now it is very difficult for the teams to win all the matches they play, and only a few of them can win the title. However this is not a problem for the City, who is in the strongest position in the EFL Cup.
Barcelona has a long bench, and when the team has time to rest, it can play a lot, which allows it to win matches. However it is also important for the club not to lose points, because if it does, it will be very difficult to get the champion’s title.
As for the third club, it too has a strong lineup and good coach, but it is not able win all matches. The problem is that it has not a long enough bench, which means that the players have to play a little bit at once.