Gabi quits Atletico Madrid?

The situation in the transfer market is not very bright for Atletico. The team has been in crisis for several years now and the previous summer brought a number of interesting transfers, but the club hasn’t managed to get out of it.
The previous summer Atletico had a number transfers, which led to the club’s crisis. The most important of them were:
· Diego Costa;
·3 Rodrigo;
• Fernando Torres.
Now, the club is trying to get rid of the problem of the crisis and the transfer of the Portuguese player is one of the main ones.

The club is also trying to sign the Spanish defender from Real Madrid, but it is not easy to find such a player.
However, the situation is not as bad as it was in the previous season. The club managed to sign a number players, but they are not the most important ones. For example, the following players have been signed:
* Sergio Agüero;
* Diego Costa.
In the summer, the team also managed to bring in the young Spanish player, who is now playing in the first team.
But the situation in Atletico is not so bright and the club will have to do its best to get the best out of the current season.
Why is the situation bad for the team?
The main reason for the club’s problems is the fact that the team has not managed to find a good goalkeeper. The problem is that the club has a number problems, too, and the main one is the lack of motivation.
It is also worth noting that the previous year, the goalkeeper of the team, Diego Lopez, left the club.
This led to a number changes in the team. Now, the players are trying to find the best goalkeeper for the next season. In order to do this, the coach has to find out who is the best player of the club and who can replace the goalkeeper.
What are the prospects for the Atletico in the next year?
Now the club looks more confident and the team is ready to fight for the title. The main problem of Atletico this season is the bad results in the Champions League. The previous season, the Spanish team was very confident and won the tournament.
Of course, the previous time, the main goal of the Spanish club was to win the Champions Cup. However, the current situation is quite different, so the club needs to improve its results in order to get into the Champions league again.
At the moment, the Atleti are in the 4th position in the La Liga standings, which is quite bad. The next round of the championship will be very important for the Spanish football team, because it will be the last match of the season. If the team wins, it will have a chance to get to the Champions’ League zone.
All La Liga results of the teams
The current season of the Champions is very important, because the club from Madrid is trying not to lose points. The current season is also important for Atletos, because they have to fight against the team from Barcelona and Real Madrid.
Despite the fact, that the teams are quite close in the standings, the gap between them is quite big. In the current campaign, the teams played against each other for the first time in the season, so there are a lot of changes in each match.
There were a lot changes in Atleto’s matches, too. The players have to play against the teams that are stronger, so they have a lot to do.
One of the most interesting matches of the tournament was the match between the teams from the second and the fourth places of the standings. The game was quite tense and the score was 1:1.
After the game, the fans were talking about the fact whether the Atleteos will get into a higher position in La Liga table. The answer to this question is not simple, because there are quite a few teams ahead of the Atletes.
Another interesting match of La Liga was the game between the team of the second position and the first. The match was quite interesting, because in the game the Atlets managed to score a goal in each of the matches.
As a result, the score of the game was 2:1, which was quite unexpected.
Team’s results in Champions League
The team from Madrid has a good chance to win La Liga, because many teams are ahead of it in the table. However the team needs to do a lot in order not to get behind the teams of the 4-5 places.
If the team manages to win all matches of Champions League, it can be in a higher place of the table, because this is the most prestigious club tournament in the world.
Next matches of Atletas will be important for them, because if they win, they will have the chance to enter the Champions’ League zone, which they have not won for a long time.
How the team will look in the future?
In order to improve the situation of the players of the Madrid team, the head coach, Diego Simeone, has to do his best. The first thing that he should do is to find good players for the squad.