Salah shows that he is one of the best attackers in the world today, but he can get even better

The Egyptian is a very versatile player, he can play as a striker, a winger, a central defender, a goalkeeper, a midfielder, and even a striker.
He is a good choice for any team, as he can be used in any situation.

The player has a good game, and he is a real gem of the Egyptian Premier League.
All the latest news on the EPL
The English Premier League is a tournament that attracts a lot of attention, and it is not surprising that the season is already in full swing.
In the current campaign, the teams are fighting for the title, and the main contenders for the victory are Manchester City and Liverpool.
Of course, the gap between the teams is very small, but it is still possible that one of them will lose the title.
However, the current season is not without its problems, and there are some surprises that will be interesting to fans.
Among them are:
* The fact that the EFL Cup is still on the list of the most popular competitions;
* Manchester United’s failure in the Champions League;
* The fact of the absence of Chelsea in the Epl;
and, finally, the fact that Arsenal is not in the top five.
This is a pity, because the Gunners have a good squad, and they are ready to compete with the leaders.
Arsenal’ fans can be confident about the fact, because they have a very good lineup.
It is the same for the fans of the other teams.
They can count on a lot from the current EPL campaign, because this is a long tournament, and each match can be decisive.
Premier league fixtures
The current season of the English Premier league is very interesting, and this is especially true for the teams that are fighting to win the title of the strongest.
Liverpool is the main contender for the champion title, but Manchester City is also considered a serious contender for winning the title too.
Both teams have a lot to prove, and in the current Premier league season, the fight will be intense and exciting.
For the fans, it is important to follow the Premier league fixtures, because it will be very easy to follow all the latest information.
At the moment, the fans have the opportunity to follow not only the results of the matches, but also the schedule of the upcoming games.
Thus, it will become much easier to follow events in the Premier League and other tournaments.
Fans can follow the latest Premier league news on a special website, which offers the latest data on the Premier tournament.
Here, the information is updated in real time, and you can always find out the latest results of matches.
Fixtures and schedule of upcoming games
The Premier league schedule is very busy, and fans can follow it at any time of the day.
Usually, the matches are held in the middle of the night, and after that, fans can watch the results on the website of sports statistics.
Thanks to this approach, the fan can follow all Premier league matches, and not to miss anything important.
There are several ways to follow Premier league results, and all fans can use.
One of them is to visit the website, where the information about the Premier is updated live.
Another option is to use a special application, which is available on the smartphone.
You can always check the schedule and the results in full.
Also, fans have access to the Premier results on a reliable platform, which provides the latest and correct data.
That is why the fans can count not only on the results, but even on the fixtures of upcoming matches. This is very important for them, because there is a lot at stake in the fight for the championship.
Main contenders for victory
The main contenders of the champion’ title are: Manchester City, Liverpool, and Arsenal.
These teams have the best players, and their main competitors are Tottenham, Chelsea, and Manchester United.
Many fans consider the Red Devils as the main competitor of the Gunns, because their main star is Wayne Rooney.
Manchester City is the second most popular team, and its main rival is Chelsea.
Despite the fact of their small gap, the Citizens are considered the main favorites of the championship, because of the following reasons:
1. Great lineup. The squad of the Citizens is very good, and many players can play in any position.
2. The fact, that many of the leaders of the team are already over 30 years old.
3. The experience of the coach.
Chelsea is not a serious rival of the City, but the Blues have a great lineup, and if they have time, they can surprise the fans. They have a number of players who are able to play in several positions.
As for the Red devils, they have already managed to win a lot, and now they are the main competitors of the teams from the top.
If you want to follow football results, then you should visit the site of sports data. Here, you can find the schedule, the results and the fixtures for the upcoming matches of the Premier.
Detailed Premier league table
The season of English Premier is very exciting, and every match can decide the fate of the title in the championship of England.