The most expensive transfers in Chinese Super League so far

The new season of the Chinese Super league is already in full swing. The new season will see the teams fight for gold medals. The main contenders for gold are Shanghai SIPG, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The team from Shanghai has already won the title twice, while the team from Guangzhou is in the middle of the standings.
The competition in the championship is so intense that it is almost impossible to predict the winner of any match. However, the team that will be able to take the title from its competitors is always the one with the most expensive players.
This is the case with the following teams:
1. Shanghai SipG. The club has signed several players from the top-tier Chinese league. Among them are:
* Liu Xiang;
* Wang Xian;
2. Guizhou Zhicheng. The latter has signed the player from the Chinese League 1.
3. Tianjin Teda. The Chinese club has also signed a number of players from other Chinese championships.
4. Shanghai Eternit. The previous season, the club won the champion title, but the main goal of the club is to win the title.
5. Tianmen Quan. The last time the team won the championship was in the previous season.
6. Shanghai Shenhua. The squad of the team has been in the top division for a long time, so it is not surprising that the club has a good lineup.
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The following table shows the most important transfers that have been made so far in the Chinese super league.
In the new season, there will be a lot of interesting confrontations. The teams that have already won a championship will fight for the title, so the fans will get to see a lot more of the fight.
Main contenders for the champion titles
The main contenders of the champion’s title are: Shanghai Sichuan, Shanghai Eintracht, Tianjin Quan and Tianjin TEDA.
Shanghai Sichuang
The team from Sichua has already been in top-level Chinese championship for a very long time. In the previous championship, the squad of coach Wang Jiancheng won the gold medals twice. This season, it is the same. The coach has signed a lot players from top-rated Chinese championships, including the following:
• Liu Xiang.
• Wang Xing;
• Huang Ruoqi;
3 Guo Shanzhi;
4 Lu Yu.
Liu Xiang is the most famous player of the Shanghai Sishuang. The player is a midfielder. He is a good passer and a good dribbler. He has already scored a lot goals for the club.
Wang Jianchente signed several other players from China League 1, League 2, and League 3. Among the most notable are:
• Zhang Hong;
5 Wang Wei.
However, the main star of the squad is the player of League 1 from Tianjin Tianhai. The midfielder Zhang Hong has already made a lot in the national team. The young player has already played for the Chinese national team and is ready to prove his worth in the international arena.
Tianjin Quan
The club from Tianjiin has been playing in the second division for many years. The most famous players of the roster are: Zhang Wei, Zhang Hong, and the goalkeeper Zhang Jun.
Zhang Wei is the main player of Tianjin. The goalkeeper is a young player who is ready for the national teams. The Tianjin goalkeeper has already managed to score a lot for the team.
Another star of Tianjiins is the midfielder Zhang Jun, who is also a good player. He was a member of the national squad for several years.
Other players of Tianjins include:
· Huang Ruohao;
·6 Zhang Yong.
It is also worth noting that the team of Wang Jianxin has signed many young players. Among these are: Li Jie, Zhang Jun and the young goalkeeper.
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Championship results of the teams
The championship of China is one of the most intense championships in the world. The competition is so high that the teams have to play in the most difficult conditions.
During the championship, it has been shown that the main contenders are: Sichun, Eintretacht, and Tianjian.
The previous season of championship was very successful for the squad from Sicheng, but it is clear that it has a lot to do to win gold medals again. The season has already ended, but we can already see the team’s chances of winning the championship.